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The MISadventures of Samantha V. Flick and Eric. R. Seguy

Geniuses in Their (Our) Own Right

Hurricane Smetric
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Anybody , Moderated
This is a secret community, meaning no one can link this to us, unless they have found it on their own merit. (doubtful)

We will not add members, including ourselves, should anyone wish to "join". (also doubtful.)
-Thee End-
american idol, arrested development, bauhaus, bennysitting, beyonce, bohemian rhapsody, bowing out, buster bluth, c flat, c if i care, c note, casting ourselves in movies, chris kattan, christopher mueller, chu, cig moderation, cleopatra comin at ya, clueless, coachella '05, coffee cups, constantine maroulis, cunt, dont touch me, e o o, eating day, fivenine, french, get in yr cellrs, getting pissed off, gluttony, grandmas house, guitars played as guns, guttony, hurricane smetric, hypnotism, ijustpeedalittle, jeffrey rush, kick in the eye, kylie minogue, leslie pew, like a friend, livejournal flamewars, mikalah, mix cds, new order, next, obnoxious inside jokes, oh shit, portia de rossi, proximity, ruling at life, samerican idol, sauces as children, showdogs moms and dads, since u been gone, sloth, smell ya later, smetric, smetricism, smets pirate dad, so, space age love song, stella, study aids, super mario power bracelets, temptation, tenderness, the cars, the faint, the jam, the kills, the lisa simpson face, the whole shebang, trips to la, vaginal insertion of medication, vanity, vip tent, what do you do, whats that band soqsoq, with or without you